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Art That Counts is my newest collection of paintings. As a mom, I see how colours, shapes and numbers combined with various themes such as animals, trucks and trains become significant parts (if not obsessions) of a child’s day-to-day life. My intention is to create original art for children that’s aesthetically pleasing (I hope!) and fun. These pieces incorporate counting, basic math and storytelling– which I also hope will help the parent and child engage in art together.

Below is one of the pieces from Art That Counts called Robots Are Cool! along with a few details of its creation. For those who are local to Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, Art That Counts will be on display at the Burnaby Artists Guild’s spring show and sale to be held at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts THIS WEEKEND (April 13th-15th). Details on the show can be found here or here.

Robots Are Cool! copyright 2012 by Kelly Dycavinu
24 x 24 Mixed media (primarily acrylic) on stretched canvas

 Counting from 1 to 10

    1. One large robot
    2. Two gears
    3. Three small robots
    4. Four total robots
    5. Five buttons on the large robot
    6. Six bolts
    7. Seven robot eyes
    8. Eight robot legs
    9. Nine screws
    10. Ten robot arms

Basic Math

    1. 1 large robot + 3 small robots = 4 total robots
    2. 2 orange screws + 5 blue screws = 7 screws
    3. 2 gears + 6 bolts = 8 pieces
    4. Etc, etc, etc


    1. What does the large robot hear?
    2. If you were a robot, what kind of arms would you have?
    3. Etc, etc, etc

My background was going to be green with red showing through from underneath, but then I realized I was going to lose more of the red than I wanted...

An "Aha, this is fun!" moment: the idea to scratch binary code into the still-wet green paint. I get to keep more of the red, it adds texture, it looks neat and it's fun. Yes, there is an actual message to decode!

What colours or shapes does your child love? What themes or phases has your child gone through (my son was a diehard train fanatic until one day, all of a sudden, he changed obsessions to superheroes; my daughter likes animals and bugs)? Did you figure out the message written in binary code? Are you coming to the show?

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