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Give me a deadline and I get things done.

Well, that is, I do anything and everything but that which is due.

I have three weeks before I must submit that assignment? Great! First I’ll just re-organize my kitchen cupboards. I’ve been meaning to relocate those plates to a more practical place. Oh, and while everything is out, I should wipe all the shelves.

Okay, done. Assignment time!

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t concentrate. I scour the kids’ closets, item by item, removing any out-grown piece of clothing. Perfect! It feels good to have the closets and cupboards organized. Now I should be able to focus better.

But what to do with all the stuff I pulled out of the closets that we no longer need? I know, let’s have a garage sale this weekend. On Monday I’ll get serious about working on the assignment.

Two weeks and counting.

I can do it. Plenty of time. In fact, time enough to finish cataloguing the 1000+ books in my personal library. Yep. That has been on the back burner for a little too long. Time to get it done.

You see? I am a productive procrastinator.

The crazy thing is, somehow, I do get it all done. And done well. The cupboards, the closets, the cataloguing and, yes, the assignment too. It’s just too bad this productive procrastination-thing only works with external deadlines. Those self-inflicted deadlines? Well, they don’t count. Because as you can tell, I’ve missed my weekly blog deadline– for some months now.

And I’ve missed you.

So tell me, are you a procrastinator? What is the oddest, funniest or quirkiest thing you’ve done to avoid dealing with your deadline? Did you ever have an instance where the procrastination bit you in the butt? And, most importantly, did you miss me too? 🙂