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I sat listening to the divine. There were no pews. No pulpit. No parishioners. Only a voice that brought heaven to the here and now. Enter the Holy of Holies here:

But one click took me from time transcendent into a tumultuous two thousand and twelve.

I must confess. This new experience of Church made me cry.

Perhaps the reason why may seem obvious. Like many, I have not typically gone to Church to experience a bordello of bouncing boobies nor the sultry song of a seductress. Nor will I ever. The disparity between then and now was hard to handle–not only did I mourn the loss of a perceived ‘innocence’ but the thought of parting ways also saddened me. I didn’t want to lose reverence for Church but I was highly doubtful that I’d remain a follower.

But do you want to know what really made me cry?

For over ten years, fifteen-year-old Charlotte had been singing in my kitchen while I made dinner. And, well, isn’t she supposed to stay fifteen, you know, forever? Sort of like how I’m always going to be twenty-something, right? Call My Name was a confrontation. I had been under Enchantment’s spell. Charlotte grew up. Time was ticking. Things were changing. Ten years had come and gone.

Oh how I wish I was in Carrickfergus to dream a dream of all the pretty little horses!

At this point, I want to make it clear that I’m not disparaging Charlotte Church, her voice, or her decision to cross-over into the world of pop. She is entitled to her own course of action and I wish her the best.

As for she and I? A few weeks after my encounter with Call My Name, I found myself humming a song– a catchy tune that I rather enjoyed. It seems that she and I are going back to scratch. More to come on this in a future post. Until then, happy listening!

What’s your favourite Charlotte Church song? What songs make you nostalgic and why? Will you stay twenty-something forever too?