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Do you believe in an afterlife?

I do.

And here it is… life after Church made me cry:

There is absolutely everything to love about this video.

Both chilling and charming, How Not to be Surprised When You’re a Ghost makes you ache for life. It creates a sense of longing for what once was… yet also a longing for that which is yet to come.

Nothing will be as it seems
Those rivers, houses and trees
Are not the same ones that you knew
But they still tug at your hand
The memory of your heart
You mustn’t let it get you down

With this song, Church resurrects two ghosts from my past. Here Toni Childs meets a mild-mannered Kate Bush (at least I hear Toni in the music around 2:35… even though their voices are dissimilar).

But it’s not all haunt in the hereafter:

I love the lyrics and the rolling thunder drums… reminds me of The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition.

The songs on her new EP entitled “One” do far more than assuage my fears that another favourite singer has dearly departed into the world of pop (Sarah Brightman left me behind with her album Harem). No, Charlotte is not dead to me. She has risen to stand among the immortal music makers who continue to captivate my soul.

I must say, I’m not so surprised.

How about you? What songs captivate your soul? Have you ever been re-united with an artist after years of separation? Were you surprised? Disappointed? Enthused? Did you know that Kate Bush has a new album 50 Words for Snow? Comment away!