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Shine Bright, Love Out Loud copyright 2012 by Kelly Dycavinu

I created this piece for an upcoming art show entitled In Love With Colour.

I’m captivated by the phrase Love Out Loud and have been reflecting on what it might mean for a person to love out loud, the ways in which I love out loud and the ways in which I don’t. While I’m still musing on this, I do know that I long to be generous with love– to not be silenced by jealousy, anger, fear or insecurities… all the makings of a dark and dreary life. I’d rather shine bright so that the world for those around me is full of life and joy– and of colour!

I welcome your comments and feedback.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘love out loud’? Do you know anyone that shines bright? And how so?