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Age 5: Driving in the car with my dad, he once asked me to hold his coffee. I spent the rest of the trip crouched on the floor, hiding and praying that the police wouldn’t catch us for drinking and driving.

Age 7: One night I borrowed my brother’s L4extra fuzzy blanket. I spent the entire night wide awake and afraid of the indoor lightning storm.

The next morning my mom told me about static cling.

Age 10: A lady on a TV show had cancer. When she touched her hair it fell out in clumps. I tried the ‘cancer test’ too. I could pull out my hair easily enough. I spent most of grade five thinking I wouldn’t live to see grade six.

Age 10 and 3/4: Another lady on TV said a lack of vitamins could lead to hair loss. I was relieved to find out I probably didn’t have cancer after all. I vowed to eat more vegetables.

coming-to-lifeAge 13: I read a lot of books about girls who saw ghost horses or who discovered new worlds. I desperately wanted to experience an adventure like the ones in my books so I decided to pretend to see a ghost during my class presentation.

Too shy to scream AHHH! A GHOST! I repeatedly looked into a corner of the room, trying to look scared of a ghost.

The teacher just thought I was nervous.

And when my friend asked What was wrong? You looked so upset.  I couldn’t bring myself to actually tell her I’d seen a ghost when I hadn’t. I replied Oh, nothing.

Book Sculpture by Su BlackwellAge 17: Driving down a gravel road in the prairies, I lost control of the car. As the car rolled over and over I kept thinking Am I dead yet? Am I dead yet? I wanted to be conscious of the moment I lost consciousness.

Landing upside-down in a farmer’s field, I had to kick the open the door in order to get out. I felt like the Dukes of Hazzard… kind of cool.The Dukes of Hazzard

I’m not dead. Crap, mom is going to kill me.

Worried that my mom was going to be upset about the car, I tried to lift the car to set it right-side-up… kind of uncool. Not sure what I was thinking.

So there you have it, the confessions of a kooky kid.

How about you? Anything you’d like to confess? Your secrets are safe with me.