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Reading Turtle

I’m trying to shape this next season (our summer months) by calling it the ‘Season of Slow’. Mostly my intention is to delve into and enjoy the things that often get put aside for other obligations. Here’s a look at some of what my summer holds.

A Miniature Garden.

My personality is usually the type to GO BIG when I start something new. Not this time. Gardening is one area where I feel I must start small.

These are beautiful examples, but my garden will have a bridge, a troll, a wishing well, and lots of secrets.

Kokopelli Craziness

My six-year-old son and I will restore this Kokopelli fountain. Do you think we’re crazy? I’ll follow-up with a future post on the results.

Kokopelli Fountain

Bird Nests and Strawberries

Every morning my strawberry-blonde daughter wakes up with a messy nest in her hair. What do those birds do in there? I ask her as I try to untangle the knots. She laughs and says I don’t know.

Two extra-large canvasses have been sitting in my art room for too long. Soon they will tell the story of what those birds get up to… I believe it involves strawberries.

Endless Ideas

I have other ideas as well. In fact, the ideas seem endless. And this summer, this season of slow, is a time to begin with the endless.

Season of Slow.

It starts today.