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Anticipation. Hope. Frenzy. Peace. Calm. Excitement. Joy. Play. Family. Love.

Advent. It’s a season when these words echo through every activity. A season of preparation, celebration, deliberation. Christ is coming. Christmas. Are you ready?

During the Advent season, I’ll be posting daily reflections from Face to Face: Advent Reflections. Face to Face is a compilation of family friendly (but not dumbed down) reflections, edited by myself, and written by six women: Kelly Dycavinu, Esther Hizsa, Susan Horikiri, Kathy Krahn, Linda Smythe and Tanya Eichler.

Below is an introduction to the book. I do hope you’ll join me on this journey, especially if Advent is a new season for you!

Face to Face: Advent ReflectionsFace to Face


Our title, Face to Face, captures two main ideas. First, we realize that for many people the Christmas Story is familiar—perhaps so familiar we may skim over the story thinking, “I’ve heard it all before.” Our desire is for each reader to come face to face with the biblical characters in order to see and hear the Christmas Story anew. What are the nuances of their stories? The details that may get overlooked in a quick read? The significance of their stories for us today?

Second, the Christmas Story does not stand in isolation from other scripture. It begins “In the beginning…” and is about God’s desire and efforts to bring us back into a face to face relationship with Himself. We invite readers to consider how the events and happenings of the Christmas Story tie into God’s grand design to reconcile us to Himself.

These reflections are intended to be family-oriented. In seeking to reach a wide variety of age categories, we recommend that parents use, adapt, or set aside the various components according to the needs of your family.

May your Christmas season be filled with wonder as you meet the God of hope, peace, joy and love face to face!