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First Monday: Elizabeth

Read: Luke 1: 5-7


Waiting Out Disgrace

Imagine, waiting for years, wanting a baby, yet never being able to have one. In the time when Jesus was born, people believed that children were a sign of God’s favour; to not be able to have a baby was a disgrace.

Even in her old age, it appears that Elizabeth didn’t give up hope for a child. Perhaps she remembered Sarah, Abraham’s wifAbraham and Sarahe, who became pregnant with Isaac when she was too old to be a mother. Maybe God would do the same for her?

So Elizabeth waited and continued to pray and hope for many years.  All the while, she put up with people around her gossiping, wondering why she hadn’t been blessed with children like they had been, wondering what she had done to fall out of favour with God.

How difficult it can be to continue to hope when it looks like God has not answered our prayers. How much more difficult, when people around us think we’re to blame.

by Tanya Eichler


Question: Have you been waiting a long time for God to answer a prayer? Do you wonder why it’s taking so long? If maybe you’ve fallen out of favour with God?

Together: Have each person hold a Bible up in the air. On the count of three find Luke 11:9-13. The first one who finds it reads it out loud.

Prayer: Father of good gifts, help us to keep hoping and keep asking You for what we need. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit who stays with us while we wait and helps us receive the gifts God has given. Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

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