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First Thursday: The Magi

Read: Matthew 2:1-12


Waiting Correctly

I sit with children as they colour. I ask them about waiting, and they begin to talk.

“I don’t like waiting for a long time.”

“If I’m waiting for a good thing, like ice-cream, then I’ll wait.”

“My mom says that I wait loudly, and all over the place, like a jumping bean.”

“Waiting rooms are always full.”

“I don’t wait for my uncle anymore, he doesn’t come… sometimes he does though.”

“It’s hard to wait for my birthday, because I know that it’s soon.”

“I don’t like waiting in a line at the restaurant when I’m hungry. When I complain, my brother says that I’m waiting wrong.”

Children learning to be patient as they wait. Watching, imagining what is to come, who is to come, waiting.

Magi-stic Journey © 2013 by Kelly Dycavinu

For what were the Magi waiting? Or for whom? Why were they looking to the skies? Had the Magi learned to wait correctly? With hope, listening, on the move, attentive? Matthew says they were “overjoyed” when they saw the star over the place where Jesus was—their motion-filled waiting coming to its conclusion.

Am I waiting correctly?  With hope, walking towards God?

by Kathy Krahn


Question: How have you seen others wait (in grocery line-ups, traffic jams, etc)? How do you wait? Is it different from how you want to wait?

Together: Play a game of Red Light, Green Light.

Prayer: Father, help us to wait patiently. We know that patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust You more each time, until finally our hope and faith are strong and steady (Romans 5:4, Living Bible). Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

Waiting Correctly © by Kathy Krahn, 2013. Used with permission.

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