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First Saturday: Anna

Read: Luke 2:36-38


The Long Wait

There was someone else that was watching and waiting for the King. Anna was an old woman. She became a widow after she had been married for only seven years—and that was eighty four years ago. That means she was over a hundred years old! Old Anna never left the temple. All day, every day and every night, she prayed and worshiped God. She waited and waited and waited. And while she waited she hung onto hope that, one day, she would see the King.

by Esther Hizsa


Question: Have you ever had to wait for something? For how long? Can you imagine waiting for 84 years?

Together: Set aside a special treat for each family member. See who can wait the longest to enjoy the treat. Will it be minutes? Days? Weeks?

Prayer: God, help us to hold onto to our hope in You. For the rest of our lives may we hope in You each and every day—even if we live to be older than 100! Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

The Long Wait © 2013 by Esther Hizsa, An Everyday Pilgrim. Used with permission.

Photo/Art by Linda Pieroth Smith, MosaicSmith.

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