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Joy Snowflake
Third Thursday: Anna

Read: Luke 2:36-39

Soon We Will Be Free

When Anna saw Simeon and Mary and Joseph with their baby boy, her old heart did a double flip. She knew without a doubt that she was looking at the promised Messiah, the King, the Saviour of the world. Just like Simeon, her joy overflowed into praises to God.

Now it was time. After eighty four years of fasting and praying in the temple, Anna went out into the streets. Everyone must have wondered if their eyes were playing tricks on them. Was that really Anna? And could she really be over a hundred? She looked so young!

Anna herself was surprised; she hadn’t had this much energy in eighty-four years. Tirelessly she went everywhere telling everyone about the child Jesus. “He’s here!” she told them. “God has sent his Messiah, The King, the Saviour of the world. Soon we will be free!”

by Esther Hizsa


Question: How do you express your joy?

Together: Take turns listing as many different expressions of joy as possible (e.g. yippee!). Have fun saying them loud and joyfully.

Prayer: Jesus, we celebrate and rejoice in knowing that You are with us right here, right now. Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

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