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Third Saturday: Zechariah

Read: Luke 3:1-19 and Luke 7:18-23

The Wildest God-Thing of All

How Elizabeth and I rejoiced in our Johnny, our walking, talking taste test of God’s insane graciousness! How we thrilled to hear it, the thrum of God’s Spirit, pulsing ever louder in his life. And then, too soon, it was time to surrender him, released into his future.

It is said there is a place of stillness in the eye of every storm. Perfect love can draw us in, shield our hearts, free our spirits, and allow us to ride the waves with audacious confidence.

For years I struggled, trying to love enough, trust enough, obey enough to get into that place. It’s taken long years of journeying for me to finally see that it is not my love or strength or obedience that will ever hold me in that eye of rest. The perfect, fear-casting love is God’s, not mine.

My son will do great God-things, for so it has been promised. Oh that he may also discover the greatest, hardest, wildest God-thing of all: surrender into the vortex of God’s love.

by Susan Horikiri

Vortex of Love


Question: What makes it so hard sometimes to surrender fully into God’s love?

Together: Look one another in the eye and say: God loves you.

Prayer: Jesus, we pray for ourselves in the future, for our children, and for the generations to follow, that we would discover the greatest, hardest, wildest God-thing of all: surrender into the vortex of Your love. Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

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