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“Eyes to See” Simeon ii © 2013 by Kelly Dycavinu

Fourth Sunday: Simeon and Mary

Read: Luke 2: 25-35

Bewildering Words

When Simeon prophesied about Jesus, Mary and Joseph were amazed. Then Simeon felt the Holy Spirit fluttering inside him again. The Holy Spirit had more to say. Simeon heard these words come out of his mouth, “This child is destined for the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be opposed so that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed—and a sword will pierce your soul too.”

Mary and Joseph must have looked bewildered and wondered what Simeon was talking about. Simeon was bewildered too. But in time the Holy Spirit would explain it. When Jesus grew up He said many things that made people love Him or hate Him and that made it very clear whether they were really God’s people or not. It made them see the state of their own hearts and if they realized they did hate Jesus, it gave them a chance to say sorry and join God’s people.

But what about that last bit about a sword piercing Mary’s soul too? What did that mean? When Jesus grew up and began preaching and doing mighty deeds, Mary saw peoples’ reactions to her Son. And when she saw that some people hated Him enough to kill Him it felt like a sword had pierced her soul. But she would also see that their hate was not bigger than Jesus’ love. There would come a day when she would see just how big and unbeatable Jesus’ love really is.

by Esther Hizsa


Question: Do you have a friend who doesn’t know or like Jesus? Perhaps he/she even says bad things about Him.

Together: Cut a heart out of a piece of paper and write that person’s first name on it. Tape it where you will see it every day so you can pray for them.

Prayer: Jesus, I feel sad when people don’t know You very well. Please help my friend (fill in name) get to know how much You love him/her. Amen.


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

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