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Face to Face

Christmas Day (Love Came Down at Christmas)

Impossible Gift

ancient bones, wrinkled skin

revived, enlivened, transformed

by new life,

this life inside


weary spirit, broken heart

surprised, thrilled, healed

by Holy Spirit,

God’s Spirit within


desperate dreams, fragile hopes

offered, prayed, answered

by only God,

only God Almighty


mind boggled, soul tickled

laughing, embracing, rejoicing

by this son,

God’s Only Son

by Linda Smythe


Question: What words in this poem do you relate to?

Together: Share how Jesus has changed your life. Sing Love Came Down at Christmas. Or enjoy this version:

Prayer: God, thank You for sending Jesus. Jesus, thank You for coming! Holy Spirit, thank You for filling our hearts with love. Amen.

Love came down at Christmas
Love all lovely, love divine
Love was born at Christmas
Star and angels gave the sign

Worship we the Godhead
Love incarnate, love divine
Worship we our Jesus
But wherewith for sacred sign?

Love shall be our token
Love be yours and love be mine
Love to God and all men
Love for plea and gift and sign


Introduction to Face to Face: Advent Reflections

Impossible Gift © by Linda Smythe, 2013. Used by permission.

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