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I write to discover — Kelly Dycavinu

There’s nothing so silly, yet sweetly satisfying, as quoting oneself. Isn’t it nice to know you like what you have to say? Enough to say it again. And again? Today’s quote originates from here, but more recently I quoted myself as saying it here. (Alright, I admit it’s a little odd, but I won’t do it so often as to annoy. Or so I hope.)

Here’s a poem I wrote:

Watching, scanning,
Flying, spying,
The peregrine falcon

In skywater, diving

And here’s what I discovered…

  1. Peregrine falcons have a system of bony tubercles (nodules) in the nostrils, called baffles, that slow airflow through the nose during dives. This helps prevent the high pressure dives from damaging their lungs.
  2. Feak, verb– (Of a raptor) To clean the beak, usually by wiping it on a piece of wood or rock.
  3. Mantling, adj.– Used in reference to a raptor with its wings spread out low and in front, usually covering food to keep it from being seen.
  4. Mute, noun– A piece of raptor’s excrement.
  5. Pefa, noun– a peregrine falcon.

There’s more, but those are my favourites.

All this came about when I encouraged my son to write a poem to submit in a poetry contest. He chose to write about peregrine falcons. And here’s one of his poems (not the one submitted):

Birds of Prey by R. Dycavinu

Skies full with wondrous birds
Screeching screaming magical words

So… What did you write this week? And what did you discover? Do share!


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