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My daughter and I have a friend. Her name is Melody and she’s ten years old. We made this card for her as a thank you for one of the many kind and generous things she has done for us.

We want Melody to know what we see in her. And I want you to know as well.

Melody is nice, kind, loving, fun, gentle, generous, smart and sincere. If you meet her, you’ll see it for yourself in an instant. You’ll also see beauty, compassion, thoughtfulness, resource and creativity. She is remarkable and she is wonderful.

What you won’t see or suspect are the inner voices telling Melody otherwise. Depression and Anxiety take these truths from her and they twist them until it hurts her to be herself.

Our thank you to Melody is also a prayer. May she recognize the words on our card and see them inside herself, as who she is. May she hear the lyrics her life sings.

Melody Butterfly Ink Sketch

Melody, you are a sweet song carried on the wings of a butterfly. Your family and friends are listening closely and carefully. If you cannot hear your own song, we’ll sing it back to you.

You are absolutely lovely.


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