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Do you ever find yourself wanting more?

More time?

More money?

More resources?

Do your wishes ever begin with if only?

If only I was a morning person and could write in the pre-dawn hours. If only I had a new laptop, one with a battery that charges properly so that I’m not always tethered to the wall. If only I wasn’t dragged down by depression. If only I had my own studio and space to create. If only I was more like so-and-so.

I wonder how often our grasping for more leads us to overlook what we already have? And is it possible that our wishful thinking misleads us, suggesting that who we are (in this moment) and what we have (right now) is not enough?

Find your inner ninja. Write, create, work with what you’ve got. The results might surprise you.

But, guaranteed, there will be results!

Inner Ninja

Paper, tape, dental sticks, marker and a balloon… the inspiration for me to find my inner ninja, courtesy of my son.