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My inner ninja’s kicking butt these days. And, let me tell you, it’s much more exciting to roll with the punches than to constantly question one’s capabilities.

Here’s a little peek at a project my daughter and I have on the go:

Wren by Kelly DycavinuSONY DSC

This grumpster is my favourite. He’s hard to please, but who can fault him for wanting the job done well?

Feathered Friends by Kelly Dycavinu


These beautiful birds will be incorporated into a larger painting we’ve been working on since our season of slow.

First Test by Tamora PierceSpeaking of birds and butt-kicking, I’ve just finished re-reading First Test by Tamora Pierce. It’s the first book in the Protector of the Small series and, by far, one of my favourite YA novels. Ten-year-old Keladry is a young girl who wants to be a knight. She shows strength, determination, leadership, and honour as she fights for justice. She’s a hero worth having and First Test is a book worth reading (and re-reading).

How about you? How’s your inner ninja? What projects are you working on? Who’s your favourite butt-kicker?


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