Intertextually Speaking

Intertextuality: the complex interrelationship between a text and other texts taken as basic to the creation or interpretation of the text (

Intertextuality: what books say to and about one another (me)

Every author writes within the context of a broader literary tradition. From Homer to Hemingway, Ovid to Ondaatje, these authors spin stories that are inextricably woven into a grand narrative web. The best of these authors are those who seem to have a deep awareness of this literary tradition; those who realize that one word may carry with it volumes of preceding work or that one phrase may open up tomes of history.

In following the threads of intertextual dialogue, one can see what is woven into the grand narrative web. This both broadens the individual narrative and makes the intricacies of the individual narrative more poignant.

Simply put, I want to share with you the conversations I hear amoung books. And as I’m limited to what I’ve read, I hope you’ll share from any books you know to add to the topic of conversation.

Intertextually Speaking focuses primarily on the academic discussion of intertextuality. Word Weaver contains all posts from this page, but also content of a non-academic and more personal nature.

Weaving a Web of Truths: Part 1

Weaving a Web of Truths: Part 2


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